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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Foods For A Diabetic

Whole Grains

If you don’t use whole grain products now, try baby steps to obtain your family used to them. Substitute wheat grains flour for a portion of white flour inside a recipe. Popcorn is a great wholegrain to start with. Use the 100 calorie microwave packs to maintain your consumption down.


Spinach is full of nutrients like vitamin C and calcium but contains virtually no protein. Eating a diet full of leafy green veggies like spinach can help in weight control as they satiate without contributing many calories. Spinach may be used in soups, salads, stir fries and casseroles.

Nuts and Seeds

Are consider no no for diabetics and frequently discouraged. They are packed with healthy fat, protein and fibre that really help in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Additionally they helpful in reducing belly fat , prevent eye and nerve damages, and fights against heart disease. As they are also high on calorie so snack mindfully on chia seeds, flaxseeds, almonds and walnuts.

Lentils and Beans

For example chickpea, black beans and lentils guard against high sugar level. They are filled with fibre, protein, minerals, and vitamins. They score have less glycemic index (a measure of how far and just how fast a given food sends up blood sugar levels) and keeps blood sugar from spiking following a meal.


Milk may be the right combination of carbohydrates and proteins helping control blood sugar levels. Two areas of milk in a daily diet is a great option as a fod for diabetics, however other product like curds, butter milk as well as cottage cheese are also good substitutes. But, you ought to ensure that low fat milk is consumed, as fat in milk isn’t healthy and also adds to extra calories.

Apple smoothies

Combine half apple, 3/4 cup of non fat yogurt and non nutritive sweetener and blend until smooth. Apples contains healthy solubel fiber that can help to lower your cholesterol level and stop heart disease.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are filled with vitamin A, and there are so many methods to fix them. They caramelize beautifully, You may also mix them with bananas, which will make an excellent natural sweetener. A baked sweet potato makes a great side dish to some meal.

Get Health with Eat Fats

Informed adults are including EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acid)as part of their diets daily in their supplement program. The benefits are usually noticeable within a few weeks of starting supplementation. One of the first things people usually notice is a reduction in the dryness and itching of the skin. Research in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, cited an imbalance in fat metabolism, due to the modern diet loaded with processed foods and hydrogenated fats or trans fats while being practically void of EFA’s – as a major culprit in many health problems. Clearly, a healthy balance of EFA’s is critical to total body health both inside and out. Essential Four:

– ALA (Alpha linolenic acid) found in flax seeds, has shown great promise in helping the body with cancer prevention, protecting against heart disease, improving immune function, pre-menopausal and menopausal symptoms. Women are using 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil daily to control hot flashes and night sweets. Improved hormone function equates to healthier, younger looking skin.

– GLA (Gamma linolenic acid) is recognized for its abilities in a variety of areas. It is a PMS soother, arthritis alleviator and major beautifier. To consume the richest sources of GLA look to borage oil, black current seed oil, and evening primrose oil. While GLA is found in vegetable oils, there are numerous dietary and lifestyle factors which disrupt the absorption. For example, consumption of sugar, alcohol, trans fats, and lack of minerals and vitamins can interfere with absorption of GLA, EPA and DHA. Trans fats usually come in the form of fried foods, alcohol is alcohol, and sugar is hidden because anything white converts to sugar immediately. All sweeteners can be problematic but but not only are they a problem for absorption of quality fats this has been shown to increase risk of Type II diabetes and syndrome X.

– Research with the Omega-3’s, EPA and DHA has shown such great promise in a variety of mental and physical health issues that the American Heart Association recently revised its food guidelines to include Omega-3’s. They are advising everyone’s diet consist of at least two 3 ounce servings of a fatty fish weekly. Fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel.

– These fats are critical to hormone production and hormone production is at the source of every bodily function. These healthy fats are showing to be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of degenerative diseases due to their necessity in the production of hormones that control body functions.

– Read food labels before you buy or eat a food. You will be surprised what you can learn if you read labels this is an important part of getting healthy. Hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils have been indicated in many major cancers and heart disease. If the product has hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, lard or any added animal fats do not consume it. At a restaurant ask what type of oils or fats are used in preparing this food. Olive oil and butter are your safest options. There is not a food that contains these fats that you cannot live without and there are many alternatives in today’s market place. We can take action to remove these foods from the options that are available in the future by not purchasing them.

– Many people today are finding they are sensitive and cannot eat gluten containing foods. Even those tested negative for gluten sensitivity still notice their digestion is better when they eliminate enriched flour products from their diets. It is not only the gluten that is a problem in enriched flour products. Digestion is impaired when we eat enriched flour because all the beneficial nutrients, fiber and fats are removed from the enriched product to begin with. Enriched means it is not whole or it is missing something.

To Summarize:

– Take a multiple vitamin daily.

– Take an EFA daily.

– Quality fats daily are critical to overall health and beautiful looking skin, which is a topic of great concern to the baby boomer generation.

– Avoid alcohol, trans fats, hydrogenated fats and excess sugars.

– Read labels religiously.

– Eat nutrient dense foods that provide necessary vitamins and minerals.

– Eliminate enriched flour products.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

Treating Colds

Drinking herbal tea regularly could be good for you particularly when you suffer from general respiratory ailments for example cough and stuffy nose. Ginger works well for loosening up phlegm and enlarging your lungs, consequently, you can recover speedily from trouble in breathing. Besides, it also combats allergy symptoms, aids with permanent sneezing and hay fever.

Boil Down Fever

Ginger tea gets the ability to increase the circulation of blood in your body. With increased blood circulation towards the surface of the skin, there will be boost in perspiration. With this particular body temperature will reduce for greater extent and therefore the fever.

Ease Headache

Generally headache is caused because of inflammation of brain cells. Active components like gomgerol and shogaol in have greater ability to fight against inflammation of cognitive abilities which will relive headache. As i’ve already explained consuming ginger tea will even increase blood circulation in arteries of brain which will also stop headache.

Improve Blood Circulation

The vitamins, minerals and proteins in ginger tea might help restore and improve blood flow that may help decrease the chance of cardiovascular problems. Ginger prevents fat from depositing within the arteries helping to prevent heart attacks and stroke.

Increases Fertility

Many people believe that ginger tea is an aphrodisiac that actually works to boost a man’s fertility. Some research has shown that regular intake of ginger may increase your sperm count and help with erection dysfunction.

Combat Asthma

Asthma patient needs to drink tea regularly in order to eradicate this problem. The phlegm is loosed by drinking ginger tea and expands the lungs therefore, prevents difficulty in breathing. The person who suffers from allergies or sneezing may come out of their problems by taking ginger tea.

Boosts Up Immune System

You can get strong and healthy immune system by drinking tea regularly. The antioxidants contained in ginger help to maintain good immunity levels. The resisting power your body can be increased and you may fight against any type of infection or diseases easily.

Benefits of Yellow Friend Banana

# ‘Finger’ or ‘hand’

A banana plant is scientifically categorized as an “Arborescent Perennial Herb”, meaning it is a tree-like herb, with the banana being actually recognized as a berry. It is more appropriate to refer to a bunch of bananas as a “hand of bananas” or a single one as a “finger”

# Saves your heart

A “finger” of banana packs 467mg of potassium and works as a shield for your cardiovascular system. Regular intake would help you guard against stroke, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

# Boosts your bones

Bananas do not have high calcium content. They do, however, give your body plenty of fructooligosacchriade, which is a prebiotic substance. These substances boost your body’s ability to soak up calcium.

# Perk up and stay mellow

The potassium from the bananas would act as an energy-providing electrolyte. Aided with serotonin, norepinephrine, tryptophan and Vitamin B6, bananas can dispel your depression and make you more pleasant and relaxed by protecting you against mood swings and irritability.

Delicious Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

# For your eyes

In Nigeria, there have been documented cases of Cataracts being treated with bananas and a local herb called Orinol. A study in the Archives of Opthalmology shows that those who have three portions of banana a day are statistically less likely to develop sight-hampering illness.

# Friend to your stomach

Bananas can also help you protect yourself against ulcers and heartburn, as they have the ability to contain acid in you digestive system. They can even help you prevent constipation since it contains pectin, which is a soluble fiber.

# Food for your infant

With its easily digestible qualities, bananas are a very popular choice to feed your baby who might be just starting to have solids.

# Protection against the deadly HIV

A study published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry talked about a lectin protein found in bananas, known as BanLec, which has tremendous healing potential in the fight against HIV. This protein, which tends to attach and envelope sugar, can do the same with HIV- infected cells in your body, which would stop these infected cell from multiplying and stop its transmission.

# Clone wars

You would never imagine a world without bananas, would you? And why should you, since modern shipping practices have made them so readily available everywhere? The truth is much stranger, I am afraid. Their ever-present status might soon diminish, as nearly all bananas are cloned from a single variety known as the Cavendish banana plant. An outbreak of disease could easily destroy all the existing plants, as it did with another variety known as the Gros Michel.

Botanists claim that banana’s extinction is a very real possibility which might happen in the next twenty years. Even though there are more than a thousand different types of bananas all over the world, only a few (such as Gros Michel or Cavendish) actually taste good, with some having even an apple-like taste such as the Goldfinger.

# Save the peel

After gorging this seemingly “miracle berry”, don’t throw away the skin or “peel” – the inside of the peel, when applied on pimples, can dry them out. Also, the peel can be used as an effective fertilizer, especially for rose plants.