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Benefits of Eggs

Good for the brain

An egg yolk is said to contain 300 microgram of Choline, a B-complex vitamin that is good for the cell membranes. Choline also prevents the accumulation of homocysteine – a dangerous composite that causes cardiovascular diseases. Aside from decreasing the likelihood of severe inflammation, this nutrient is linked to the improvement to the functions of our central nervous system. With these amazing benefits, it would be difficult to comprehend as to why one wouldn’t make it an integral addition to their diet.

Yes to better eyesight

Other than getting the goodness of Vitamin A- a vitamin that is great for better eyesight- wolfing down some eggs gives us a good supply of lutein and zeaxanthin, these nutrients are great supplements in reducing the risk of cataract development. Macular degeneration- the leading cause of blindness due to the deterioration of the retina area of the eye that enables us to have a clear vision- is prevented by the consumption of lutein and zeaxanthin that are both present in eggs. So if you’re becoming a little dyslexic lately, perhaps it’s time to visit your ophthalmologist and start your much-awaited love-affair with those nutritious eggs hidden in your fridge.

Egss for a healthy heart and cancer prevention

There have been some studies that are asserting egg’s power to prevent cancer. In a study at Harvard University, it’s shown that the risk of developing breast cancer will be greatly reduced if egg consumption is regular during adolescent age – along with high-fiber diet and consumption of vegetable fat. Another study conducted at Yale University states that eating eggs leaves no harmful effects even to those who are living with coronary heart disease- one of the leading causes of health-related deaths around the world- if they eat a maximum of two eggs per day because of the healthy cholesterol found in them.

Its all in the yolk

Because of the fact that eggs are enriched with amino acids and not to mention the fact that they’re also a major source of protein and other health-giving nutrients, we can say that there’s no reason to steer clear from these heaven-sent, nutrient-rich yolk wonders. Another set of important minerals found in eggs are iron, phosphorus, and zinc. These said minerals are important in keeping our system in shape. Iron, for instance, is important to those who are low on red blood cells. If you’re an anemic, a woman having her menstruation, or someone who feels the need to fortify their body resistance, it’s time you dash off to the grocery and stock up on these poultry magic! With so many minerals under its belt that help improve our body’s immune system, it would be hard not to indulge in them knowing that they will help us achieve health and wellness each one of us long for.