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Enhance Your Immune System with These Antioxidant

Firstly, recognize the importance of adequate sleep – eight hours for a normal non-stressed person. And for those with serious aliments, ten hours or more are needed daily to rejuvenate the immune system. Turn the TV off before sleeping and do not eat late or do vigorous exercise before bed. Relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing, or meditative audio tapes prepare the body and mind for rest.


Numerous studies show antioxidants to be preventive and therapeutic for health problems from diabetes and cancer to general deterioration of the body. We are constantly exposed to free radicals with every breath we take and every chemical we eat. Scientists estimate that each cell takes about 10,000 free radical hits per day from air and car pollution, alcohol, cigarettes, food additives, caffeine, heavy metals, medications and unnecessary drugs. Antioxidants are our best friend. They keep free radicals in check before they can impair our immune system and damage our cells.

Proclaimed as the near perfect antioxidant, Alpha Lipoic Acid, a vitamin like substance was first discovered in 1930’s but wasn’t until 1988 when research saw its potential. This unique antioxidant has a number of benefits from extending the life of other antioxidants to being at home in both water and lipid environments where it devours free radicals. Alpha lipoic acid easily crosses cell membranes and once inside the cell becomes an even stronger antioxidant. It also plays a key role in many enzyme systems.


For the past thirty years throughout Europe, it has been used to stabilize blood sugar in treating diabetes. Dr. James B. Lavalle, R.Ph., CCN, ND and author of Cracking the Metabolic Code, recommends six hundred to nine hundred milligrams daily as an antioxidant. Other conditions which can benefit from alpha lipoic acid are cataract prevention and neuropathy where by improves nerve blood flow and regenerates nerve fibres. It also increases Glutamate, an important liver enzyme. Alpha lipoic acid can even help convert the food we eat into energy.


Selenium, vitamin E and C are other antioxidant heavy weights. When taken together they become synergistic, enhancing their ability to remove heavy metals and detox the body. These work wonderfully as a team to destroy free radicals, protect the heart and improve circulation. Free radicals work to damage cells, fueling the aging process through cell mutation and cell death. Selenium and vitamin E bind to toxic metals, such as cadmium, mercury, silver and thallium and removes them out of the body.

Carotenoids, including beta-carotene, lutein and lycopene are powerful antioxidants. All of these and more stimulate the natural killer cell activity and antibody response, whereby reportedly protecting against different forms of cancer. Beta-carotene, for example is found in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. One molecule of this voracious phyto-chemical can destroy up to a thousand free radicals.

We may not have control over the vast number of pollutants in our environment, but we can avoid many other chemicals over which we do have control. Alcohol depletes antioxidants, along with B vitamins, C and zinc. Antibiotics impair white blood cell function and disrupts bowel flora. Caffeine, like alcohol is a diuretic which leaches vital nutrients from our bodies.


Nutrition is one of our most powerful allies. Being our primary nutrient source, it impacts how we think, how susceptible we are to disease, and how well we recover from illness. A balanced diet consists of a full range of nutrients necessary to nourish all our cells and tissues. When the diet is deficient in a particular chemical element required by a specific organ or gland, our bodies will be vulnerable to disease. The immune system responds quickly when given the essential nutrients needed to keep this complex system strong.

Vitamin C assists the thymus gland to produce T cells. Rich sources include all fresh fruits and vegetables. Zinc is needed for T cell production, often deficient in the diet. Zinc is abundant in nuts and seeds, particularly raw pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts, whole grains and leafy green vegetables. The essential fatty acids (EFA’s) found in cold pressed oils like flax seed oil, walnut oil, evening primrose oil and salmon oil contain linoleic acids, vital in many metabolic functions.

Probiotics, “lactobacillus acidophilus” known as friendly flora play an essential role in our defense system. Supplement your diet with fresh, plain yogurt, kefir or the freeze dried capsule form.

To lighten up the load on the lymph system and boost immunity, decrease dairy, protein, starches and sugars. Increase your daily intake of whole grains – consider all colours of the rainbow when buying fruits and vegetables. Eat more raw foods.

Exercise and sunshine will strengthen your immune system. Get out and enjoy any form of recreational activity that brightens your mood. The way we think will affect how we feel, even look. Feelings of gratitude will transmit happiness and contentment.