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How Do In-Home Nurses Help Seniors?

In Missouri, families approach in-home nursing services when their senior needs 24-hour care. The services help seniors with common daily tasks based on the senior’s mobility levels and daily needs. A local service provider assigns a nurse to seniors who need additional help due to complex conditions.

Avoiding a Nursing Home

Seniors who have progressive and/or debilitating conditions often end up in nursing home facilities. While the facilities are beneficial, they aren’t the senior’s home, and the senior could be at risk for unnecessary abuse. An in-home nurse provides complete care for seniors according to their doctor’s orders. All services are provided in their home.

Assisting Busy Families

Families with hectic schedules need help while they work. For most families, it isn’t possible for them to take off work to accommodate the senior’s needs. While they may try to juggle the responsibilities, the family won’t be able to manage the senior’s care on their own. An in-home nurse coordinates the senior’s care as directed by the senior’s doctor. All tasks that are performed each day are monitored by the professional nursing staff.

Managing the Seniors Diet

Seniors follow strict diets and nutritional plans as outlined by their doctor. The nurse prepares meals for the senior each day and follows the prescribed diet. The meal plans must include foods that are healthy and won’t present any risks to the senior. For example, diabetic seniors need a meal plan that excludes sugar and carbohydrates that affect the blood-glucose levels negatively.

Light Housekeeping Services

The nurses also perform light housekeeping services. They vacuum, mop, and wash dishes. The service provider tidies up the home and eliminates common risks that could lead to a fall. The nurses clean up after each meal and ensure that all counters and tables are sanitary.

In Missouri, in-home healthcare services keep seniors in their own homes. The services eliminate the potential for a stay at a nursing home. For seniors, the ability to stay in their own home gives them more freedom and stops them from facing unwanted conditions. The nurses provide meal preparation, light cleaning, and companionship. Families that want to learn more about in-home services can click here now.