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The Release from the Bad Substances

The refusal to take destructive substances is a very important and difficult step, which is difficult to achieve, but to remain firm in its decision is an even more difficult test and the task of detoxification is precisely to support the organism in resisting the overwhelming effect that the remnants of toxic elements give.

The Best Opinions Regarding the Detox Programs

The opinion of the independent refusal and the rehabilitation process takes place, but conducted studies in the field of drug addiction and alcoholism have shown that former drug addicts and alcohol addicts in later life have a slower thinking and reaction, which is explained not only by the period of dependence, but also by the influence of chemical residues in the tissues , scattered throughout the body (and, worst of all, in the cells of the central nervous system), and therefore detoxification is recognized as an integral component of a full-fledged rehabilitation. From the orange county detox you will get the best deals.

Cleansing the body of alcohol and drugs, is the first step aimed at treating alcohol and drug abuse. During the use of toxic substances are accumulated and withdrawn only with the help of a regular dose, so that if drugs are not used to purify the body of drugs and alcohol, then a serious malfunction of the vital system of man and deterioration of physical health can occur.

Detoxification program (stationary, outpatient):

  • Removal of breakage
  • Getting out of the booze
  • The treatment includes:
  • medical examination
  • package of necessary medicines
  • consultation of a doctor – an expert in narcology
  • psychologist consultation
  • counseling relatives
  • accommodation in a single or double room
  • food
  • transportation

After abstinence or withdrawal of psychoactive substances, the so-called abstinence syndrome arises – the condition is extremely severe: headache, vomiting, tremor of the hands are the easiest manifestations, the most characteristic are intense spasmodic headaches, marked trembling of limbs and eyelids, insomnia and, as a consequence, nervous exhaustion, mental disorder, apathy and depression, hallucinations, cerebral edema is possible. It arises on the basis of the depressed function of the liver – it is not capable of suppressing the toxic effect of poisons circulating throughout the body. The presence of such symptoms signals the urgent need for consultation and follow-up supervision of specialists.

The Fundamental Stages:

The first and fundamental stage is medical examination, as a result of which the doctor will determine the patient’s condition and the degree of the disease. This completely depends on the course of drug treatment, which takes place exclusively individually – whether it is a course of basic therapy or whether there is an urgent need for intensive care – all conclusions will be given by a narcologist.