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Whey Protein Benefits

1. Weight Maintenance

Amino acids in whey protein help to steady blood glucose levels by slowing the flow or absorption of glucose into your blood stream. Stabilized glucose means lower insulin levels, and the body can then burn fat quickly. Depending on the source of whey, individuals can also consume a high-quality protein without high levels of carbohydrates and fat.

2. Lower Risk of Diabetes

The stabilization of glucose that was mentioned above also leads to lower blood sugar levels, and therefore helps prevent Diabetes that emerges from the high sugar content in our blood stream. A whey supplement is also a good substitute for a protein source that is high in sugar, such as chocolate milk.

3. Healing Wounds

Our body needs an increased amount of amino acids from protein when healing wounds. A good whey protein source will provide the body with sufficient energy to speed up the healing process as inflammatory cells use the amino acid glutamine.

4. Slows the Aging Process

As we get older, our muscles begin to weaken and degrade. Whey proteins repair and strengthen muscle tissue, especially when paired with an active lifestyle. This allows adults to maintain an adequate level of strength and energy throughout their life.

5. Lowers Risk of Cancer

Studies have shown that whey protein inhibits the growth of many different cancerous tumors. One case study showed that all rats fed a casein diet developed some type of tumor, however only half of those fed a whey diet developed the same times. Signs clearly point towards whey helping both cure cancer is some patients, as well as prevent cancer from appearing in others.

6. Strengthens the Immune System

Whey protein contains an amino acid named cysteine, which is proven to boost the immune system. It does so by raising glutathione levels throughout the body, which will both help your immune, and digestive systems.

7. Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

This might one benefit that many people do not think of, but it is definitely true. Whey protein provides a sufficient amount of energy when taken on a daily basis. This will allow you to avoid being exhausted and unable to engage in physical activity, whether that be jogging of lifting weights.

It is obvious that whey protein is not a nutritional super food that can clear all problems, but it is a unique form of protein with multiple health benefits.