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Why you Should Have More of Eggplant in Your Diet

Great for skin

Want a healthy looking skin? Eat eggplant. This glossy purple veggie contains great amount of water.

As we all know our bodies comprise 70% of water and dehydration can lead to thinning of hair and poor and dry skin. Consuming foods that are high in water content such as eggplant helps make your skin remain hydrated and healthy. Next time, if the woes of flaky skin give you sleepless nights, go for glasses of water and eat eggplant too.

Reduce cholesterol

Studies have shown that eating eggplant lowers cholesterol. That makes them a heart healthy food that not only brings cholesterol down but also lowers blood pressure. But to retain its heart healthy properties, don’t fry this vegetable rather bake eggplant and enjoy its various health benefits.

Good for brain health

This purple vegetable contains essential phyto nutrients that improve blood circulation and aid in brain health. But make sure, most of these phyto nutrients are concentrated in the skin of the vegetable, so don’t cut or peel off the skin while cooking it.

Reduces risk of developing cancer

Eggplant boasts of anti-cancer properties. It especially helps prevent development of colon cancer. This glossy purple vegetable contains high amount of fiber and porous nutrient that absorbs toxins and chemicals that are known to cause colon cancer.

Other benefits

Moreover, eggplant also helps in controlling and regulating diabetes, relieving stress, and preventing blood clots.

Eggplant is a rich source of iron, calcium and various minerals. It is a heart healthy food that helps in overall health of the body. Cooking eggplant is easy and fun. You can grill it, roast it, bake it, or stew it. It tastes yummy in any form. In fact the skin of eggplant contains more fiber that the vegetable itself. When you cook eggplant for a dish, eat it with its skin intact.